Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Karnataka Kabadi

There is so much to write about what is going on in Karnataka but due to a personal reason I am keeping quiet. The circus, however, goes on.

Cricket: ‘Colonel’ takes on the ‘army’?

‘Colonel’ Dilip Vengsarkar, Chairman of the BCCI selection committee has defied the Board’s ban on the selectors writing columns. He has also reportedly protested against the guidelines issued by the Board to the selectors and is trying to gather support for his stand from the other selectors.

In a way, this is understandable. The directive from the BCCI also proscribes the selectors talking to the media, traveling abroad to watch matches, appearing as experts on TV and spending time with the players in the dressing room. Which selector would like such restrictions?

A report by Sunit Kaul and Shamik Chakrabarty in tday’s Deccan Chronicle quotes a selector saying, “It is the prerogative of the BCCI to issue guidelines. But we are opposed to the manner in which things have been done.” Like the dumping of Rahul Dravid from the ODI team?

Inconvenient Judiciary

‘People’s Democracies’ do not need the kind of judiciary that the ordinary democracies like India have. It is an inconvenience and stand in the way of peace and progress because the judges do not understand the needs of the poor and the downtrodden. This is the gist of what the leaders of the Communist Marxist Party (CPM) in West Bengal and Kerala are saying.

Yesterday the Kerala High Court made scathing comments against the Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan. The background is a case relating to the import of palm oil which could adversely affect the prospects of the coconut farmers. What drew the ire of the High court was the Chief Minister’s public statement against the judge hearing the case. This could lead to contempt of court charge.

But who cares? In the great march towards the worker’s (meaning organized labor) paradise, these are minor irritants. And, for company the CPM has Gen. Musharraf who declared emergency to save Pakistan from the judges.

Nandigram in Parliament

The BJP had a point when it raised the shameful Nandigram issue in the Parliament. But the party overlooked one small matter. When there was a move to discuss the Gujarat riots in the House, it had vehemently argued that law and order was a State subject.

The Congress kept quite about Nandigram in Parliament. Well, 123 Agreement is still alive, so don’t rub the Left. The silence of the lambs!


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Anonymous said...

The unwarranted criticism of a judge of the High court of Kerala by the Chief Minister in the palm oil import case is a clear case of contempt of court. Since the Goddess of justice is blind she does not differentiate between the poor coconut farmer and the rich import lobby. It was the duty of the Government to adduce sufficient evidence on which only, a Judge can act. The chief minister was playing to the galleries to cover up the lapse of the state law department in presenting evidence to get the stay vacated and save the coconut farmers.
As communism and democracy cannot coexist, the communists are trying to systematically destroy the democratic institutions one by one to perpetuate their dictatorship of the proletariat. It seems they have succeeded to some extent by making the Hon. Judge to post the case to another bench.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the comment, Nebu.