Thursday, September 18, 2014

The last song… The miracle of death

He was the last of the Karanavars (Patriarchs) and yet he was a man ahead of his times. In the apparent contradiction lies the man. P.K. Abraham Tharakan (aka Pappachan), was a free-thinking spirit, who carried the class, the charisma and the culture of his forefathers lightly on his shoulders. The class was reflected in his innate philosophy of life, in his sensitivity, respect and concern for others, an appreciation for fellow human beings and a readiness to lend a helping hand, regardless of his own difficulties. It is the kind of class that is rarely seen today.
He often quoted Appan, his father, who had told him before he died, that change and adaptation was crucial to progress. And so, he changed with the times.

The boy who crossed the customs check point on overnight trips via vallum (country boat) from Olavaipe in the Kingdom of Travancore to Ernakulam in Cochin, 
-        as an early teen saw and took part in the dawn of independent India,
-        as a student led Kerala’s cricket and hockey teams to victory,
-        as a young man guided his large tribe of younger siblings after his father's early death,
-        later, faced the onslaught of communism against the old feudal order, 
-        travelled the seas to America to hold successful talks for a partnership with General Motors,
-        engaged in strategic deals with the then communist Chief Minister C. Achutha Menon (Kerala economy: The NRI money pile) to create a major manufacturing unit in labour-resistant God’s Own Country,

-        rediscovered the mystic of the old ways in the hands of a water diviner when western technology failed to unearthen underground water resources,
-        in his later years discovered and mastered the new ways of the internet universe and the online world of blogging.
However, what really separated him from the multitude was his strength, courage and compassion. Some souls are sent on earth to help others, and we believe that was what he was sent here to do. 

 (Acts of kindness) His race is run, he fought the good fight… the fight that faces all of us frail human beings. And now is his time to rest.

 May his soul rest in peace. God bless him.
Posted by his children