Sunday, October 7, 2007

Health: Slipped Disc (Prolapsed Disc)

My recent 8-day trip to Kerala was enjoyable, as usual, till I suddenly developed a rather severe pain in the lower back. Like a fool I tried to manage it by applying some painkilling gel to the affected area and went to a specialist only after returning to Chennai yesterday. He confirmed that the problem was Slipped Disc, which is also known as Prolapsed Disc. I decided to write about because somebody might find it useful.

Now, the disc in this context is padding between the vertebrae that encase the spine. It is a cartilage with a gel-like core of connective tissue in the centre. It is a protective buffer and provides flexibility to the spine. Sometimes, with aging, the connective tissues in the core break down and results in bulging. The condition is neither slipping of the disc nor infection. Incorrect posture particularly while lifting weight can trigger off an attack of pain. It seems that in 20% of the cases no outward symptoms are noticeable.

Usually the doctors approach a case of slipped disc conservatively. Surgery is only rarely resorted to. The treatment is a course of medication, mostly painkillers and bed rest. In my case the doctor has not recommended traction. After four days of medication I have to undergo physiotherapy.

The diagnostic procedure normally involves a scan. I think the doctor’s clinical judgment is sufficient but the scan is done to protect the doctor from legal problems that may sometimes come up. In my case the doctor asked me whether I want a scan done immediately or wait and watch for a week. I decided to wait.

It seems that taking painkiller tablets only when a bout of pain comes is not advisable. It is better to have them at regular prescribed intervals. Avoid bending down and awkward postures. If you need to pick something from the floor, ask someone else to do that for you or do it yourself by bending at the knees. No sitting at one stretch for more than thirty minutes. I am typing this post with a break in between writing. Don’t lift weights. To prevent recurring bouts of slipped disc, regular walking is recommended.

You must please appreciate that this is only a layman’s understanding of the Slipped Disc problem. It is always safer to consult a specialist.


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Maddy said...

hope you recover soon - they also used to inject silicone or some such thing into the collapsed disc to sort of 'prop it up' in some cases.

Anonymous said...

Get Well Soon,Pappenchetta.Anu

dinesh said...

There is a Doctor who treats and cures slipped disc problems in minutes. Seems exaggerated but true I have herd first hand from two such patients who were treated. The doctor"s name is MEHBOOB KHAN who is avilable at K.R Nagar just 30 Km from Mysore.You need to carry your MRI and other scan reports. He is very famous and everyone in Mysore and around knows him.So there is no problem in locating him.Those who are disappointed with other treatments can give a try.

Anonymous said...

His Telephone number is 08223 262788
You need to carry MRI if you have, and meet him before 4.00 PM

Unknown said...

My mother-in-law is also suffering from prolapsed disc and after having tried a wide spectrum of not-so-effective treatment ranging from accupuncture till continous traction, we have decided to consult Dr.Mehboob Khan.We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will be able to get some relief from his treatment,

Unknown said...

Hi Dharani, was it helpful, let me know so that I can plan my travel, been tired of pain killers

Anonymous said...

I want to consult Dr.Mehboob Khan , I need some information
How can I reach his Clinic from Bangalore? .

Unknown said...

rej, sorry I do not know either Dr. Mehboob Khan or his address. You could try an Internet search.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your experience....

One fine day when i was suddenly feeling pain in my calf muscle and pull in the right leg alone, I was thinking it should be because of weakness or muscle cramp.

After two days the pain was agggrevating and not able stand or sit or walk. Numbness in my foot region occured which made me to panic.I went to general physician, he gave medication for pain relief but nothing turned up. So physician advised me to visit an ortho.

Ortho examined for 20 minutes and he adviced me to take an MRI, MRI photographs revealed that i am having disc prolapse in L3 and L4.
I was advised by Ortho to go for Microendoscopic discectomy (MED), but i went for second and third opinion to my family doctor who is general physician. He adviced for conservative treatment, both for heat therapy and back excerises.

Initially he adviced for a week rest with pain killers and heat therapy,daily physiotherapist use to visit my house for heat therapy, in a week i recovered from pain, but numbness was prevailing in my foot.

From second week onwards, traction was given for 10 days. Pain in my legs got reduced day by day and some sort discomfort was prevailisng,on 21st day i was again examined by my family doctor, he adviced me to walk slowly and do my normal practices.

He also adviced do's and dont's like do not lift weight,not climbing steps,sitting and standing for longtime(30 mins).On 25th day i return to my normal work, but i avoid using my two wheeler, i was using only taxi to commute from my house to office.

I feel that we have to live with this problem since once if it has occured it will not revert back to normal. But with the proper practices we can avoid in reoccuring of disc prolapse.

During my last visit a week ago, Doctor prescribed tablets for a month.He also said only after few months i will able to regain my original lifestyle.

I am just sharing my experience, pls donot take this as medical advice.In my case since it is only 50% protrusion of the disc, so my family doctor adviced for conservative treatment.Based upon symptoms and severity of disc prolapse the method of treatment may varies person to person.

Anonymous said...

Can someone share their post treatment comments after visting Dr Mehboob Khan. Do you know any cases of relief from disc bulge.

Is Dr Mehboob Khan the only Unani doctor famous in KR Nagar? I heard someone by name Khader also who treats for back problems in KR Nagar,

Jijo said...

Well, some one has asked for experiences here. Here is mine:

My cousin from Chicago, USA had very serious problem with multiple prolapses. He was unable even move on most days and had been to several doctors here. He was prescribed multiple surgery which had really small percentage chance of success.

My cousin, he came back to India and went Mehboob Khan in KR Nagar. To keep things short, I will tell you that he is now enjoying his life here in the USA. He even enjoys a game of Badminton occassionally although he is careful not to hurt his back any more.

His troubles started around 2006 and had first treatment in 2007. He went there again on his next trip to have a follow up even though he didn't have much trouble.

My father had been having trouble with his spine right from the age of 40. He has had 4 surgeries before he was 50. He still the pain at 75. I took him to Mehboob Khan but after looking at the X-rays, he told that there is little he can do. The bones were damaged beyond repair. Still he did his thing (which is really simple to the eyes - makes you lie flat on the stomach, tightens a belt just above the hip, pressing the thumb some where below the belt while slightly raising you up. At the same time his assistant holds your legs). My father reports slight improvement on the pain but that could be purely psychological.

I am a very skeptical guy, when it comes to wonder cures or free deals. I went there without trusting. While we were waiting for my Dad's turn, I saw many patients going in with pain and coming out with a smile. Most convincing of the cases was that of lady from Coimbatore. She looked early 50's and came in a Scorpio van. Her driver and a helper got her to the doctors room. She was having tough time walking with a support frame. I could see her wincing with pain for each step she took. She came out of the room after 15 minutes with a happy glee on her face. Her helper came out after her with the support frame. She walked slowly but steadily to her van. I had a chat with her driver who came to buy tea at the nearby tea stall. She was the wife of a Marvadi business man in Coimbatore and had a surgery. She was suffering for a long time before she came there. He didn't hide his surprise and pleasure about her miraculous recovery.

I have to say that I think this doctor has some gift. It's a family thing that he is having. We hear a lot of miraculous recoveries in Kerala. He doesn't charge much considering the number of patients he has. Over all, it's worth a try.

Foot note: Mehboob Khan was referred to us by one of the top orthopedist in Trichur, who is also a retired professor of Orthopedics and my cousin. He admitted that when it comes to the spine and dislocated discs, allopathy is still groping in the dark.

balaji said...

@dinesh: could u give us the address and contact number of DR.Mehboob khan. please make it fast. mail me at

Jaggz said...

Been suffering from back pain for more than five years and was undergoing ayurvedic treatment. Last year after a train journey for four hours,standing,i reachd back home and bend down ta take my shoes off, then suddenly this pain came again and i was not able to stand up or walk.. For two days i had to be in bed then i was able to walk . Went to a doctor :) who is a known surgeon and he referred to do surgery . I was kind of tensed and asked him is there any other thing we can do :) he said lets wait but asked me to take complete bed rest for three weeks plus some pain killers and gel :) after that i done physio therapy and traction for a week. It was not paining anymore . Then went to a famous ayurvedic hospital and done twenty days of treatment there :) now after six months i am having the pain again.

My case is a complicated one as told by the doctor . Slipped disc it is . He said am having problems in three levels . I want to cure it for ever

Heard from a friend of mine about a doctor in mysore who treated his cousin (who is a neuro surgeon ) for some similar problems . He said he will give me more details soon . I searched for the doctor here.. Found lots results including this blog .

Have the doctors phone number now and i am going to contact him . Hope it works out for me
please pray
and i will write about my experience after visiting the doctor
Thanking the authour for this blog and also every one who commented .. .

Kishore Kumar said...


Can anyone provide the address of DR. Mahaboob khan. I want to visit, did i have to take any appoitment before by visit or phone call or i can just simply go and wait and consult doctor.

Please reply soon

Jijo said...

The Address is "K.R. Nagar, Mysore, KarnaTaka. It's about 30 Km west of Mysore. No appointment is necessary. You get the token for the day from morning. You might need to wait till afternoon to see him. But if you suffer from disc problems I strongly advice you to wait :)

veenakumar said...

Please don't believe him and his treatment. He is total money making machine. I took my friend to him, and the process is below.

1. We got the token by paying Rs. 50, and waited for nearly 7 hours to get our turn.

2. After entering to his he as asking for x-ray, which we didn't take. then immediately asked us to go for X-Ray by marking a piece of paper (prescription)without even asking where is the pain.

3. We took the x-ray, the process of getting the x-ray was totally UN-professional as I was not even sure the x-ray we got was ours. But the x-ray was done in 5 min, and the quality of the x-ray is like one of your granny's x-ray that she preserved for decades.

4. Entered to his room after collecting the x-ray. he pulled out the x-ray from the cover and kept on his table and asked my friend to lie down. He has NOT SEEN THE X_RAY at all. massaged his back for 3 sec and handed the rest of the process(money collecting) to his assistant.

Please don't believe him and his treatment. Please don't believe him and his treatment. Please don't believe him and his treatment. Please don't believe him and his treatment. Please don't believe him and his treatment. Please don't believe him and his treatment. Please don't believe him and his treatment. Please don't believe him and his treatment. Please don't believe him and his treatment.

George Thomas said...

I think the last person who wrote against Mahboob Khan was totally mistaken. I was also suffering from cervical spondylitis from August 2011 and treated with Orthopedic and Ayurveda (27 days of Kizhi) but there was no relief from pain. I went to Mysore to see Mahboob after taking several references from known people. He only spent 3 minutes on my shoulder after looking at the X-ray and I thought he was fooling me. I did not feel anything at that time and went back to Bangalore same day. Surprisingly the pain reduced drastically in 3-4 days’ time and I came back to my work in UAE. The main reason of my visit to India was for this treatment.
Unfortunately our doctors don’t believe this and they believe only in “Pain killers”. My nights were sleepless and were sitting and sleeping for 3 months until Mahoob fixes the problem. I paid only Rs. 1,800 for his treatment and 3 months medicine. Anyone can afford this treatment.

George Thomas
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

AshaReddy said...

Thanks buddies for taking time to post your comments.

I suffer from severe back pain and has a mild vetebrae slip. L5 over S1.Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis. I am undergoing Physio therapy right now. Pain has reduced, but seek a more permanent solution for this. If anyone can let me know, if he treats this condition too, I would be grateful.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Slip Disc Treatment said...

I totally agree that lower back problems are always believed by people as some regular back pain and this entails them to pop painkiller. One should always seek help of a doctor as Slipped Disc problems can occur to anybody. There many medications and treatments available for the disorder which can completely cure the problem.