Tuesday, October 23, 2007

123 Nuclear Agreement – should the PM resign?

To answer this question we must analyze who is against the 123 Nuclear Agreement between India and the US. Not the Congress, of course. It is fine with the other UPA constituents provided they don’t have to face an election right now. BJP mooted the idea first and want to renegotiate the agreement. This, in political lexicon, means changing a couple of words here, a few punctuations there. Their allies also are more or less toeing the same line.

Then who is against? The left parties. Their strength? About sixty MPs. Their reason for opposing the 123 Nuclear Agreement? It involves the imperialist, capitalist, colonialist, reactionary United States; every patriotic Indian should uphold the integrity and sovereignty of the nation. In other words, about 10% of the representatives of the people object to the pact altogether. That is enough to kill the 123 Nuclear Agreement because India is not a ‘People’s Democratic Republic’ but only an ordinary democracy.

How did the Left get into this position of strength? The Communists have been struggling for eighty years since the formation of the party in India for gaining a national presence. They have been organizing demonstrations and agitations to further the ‘people’s causes’ which of course didn’t include Quit India Movement and protests against China when that country attacked India. What did they achieve during the last eight decades? Three pockets in the country. Out of these, the party’s legislative representation from Kerala goes up and down with alternate elections. But through shrewd maneuvers and electoral alignments they have established the capability to dictate terms to the vast majority of the elected representatives of the people.

There is something much more important than the 123 Nuclear Agreement. No party, big or small, can be allowed to hold a democratically elected government to ransom. That is what the Left parties are doing right now. If they succeed, we can expect the same sort of interference in all major spheres.

Dr. Manmohan Singh is a gentleman, an honorable man and one of the best Prime Ministers India ever had. Would he like to continue in office as a puppet of a small group which is yet to learn from history?


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Nebu said...

The communists, the rank opportunists that they are, are opposing the nuclear deal with the US of A not out of any patriotism but for the minority community (read - Muslim) votes. Their premise is that all Muslims are against America and Americans, and so by opposing anything and everything American will fetch them votes in Kerala and Bengal where there is a significant number of the community, whenever the polls are held.

Abraham Tharakan said...

Nebu, that is an angle I had not thought of. But I understand that even now the Muslims of Bengal are totally disillusioned with the Left rule.