Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photos of Olavipe Lake

Olavipe Kayal (Lake) is a branch of Kerala’s largest water body, the Vembanad Lake. During the time of the Portuguese and the Dutch, small ships used to sail in from Cochin Port to Thycattussarry about a mile from Olavipe to load pepper and spices. (See A unique prayer.)

Subsequently, till National Highway 47 became operational, large country boats carried the bulk of cargo movement between Cochin, Cherthala and Alleppey. Rows of those vessels laden with merchandise passing by Olavipe, their sails ballooned with wind, used to be a beautiful sight. Now the trucks have taken over.

Rejo, younger brother of Reji (A village artist) took these lovely pictures. Click on them for enlarged view. Copyright reserved.


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