Thursday, July 10, 2008

Malayalam songs: Lyrics

I get a number of visitors interested in Malayalam lyrics. This traffic is apparently generated by the some of my blog posts dealing with Malayalam cinema and songs. But my posts only touch the fringes and do not provide the readers with the lyrics or the means to locate them.

This morning, quite by accident, I came across the site

and its subsections

These provide comprehensive details of thousands of songs, including complete lyrics.

The site is promoted by Aju Thomas Panicker. It has subcategories covering albums, Christian devotional, classic songs, film songs, Hindu devotional, and Mappila pattukal.

The first song I tumbled upon was the fascinating one ‘Vakapoo maram choodum…’ from the movie ‘Anubhavam’. In such simple words Bichu Thirumala describes the transient love of northern wind and a flower. Music is by AT Ummer. The mesmeric piece was sung by Yesudas.

I feel grateful to Aju Thomas Panicker for this venture and thought I would share my find with other music lovers like me.


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Kiranz..!! said...

Dear Tharakanji,

Very many thanks for your appreciation towards our efforts on aggregating the malayalam songs lyrics.I am sure this will defly boost us for working more dedicated on this database.

Once again,Thank you


Thank you for highlighting this facility.

Anonymous said...

Teneis que ver esta pagina: Fanatic Manga. Es flipante, tiene material muy bueno, imagenes, videos, series, etc...

Unknown said...

kiranz, we must thank you for aggregating the Malayalam lyrics. Please see raji muthukrishnan's comment also.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment raji.

കടത്തനാടൻ said...

Dear Tharakanji,

I appreciate your effort in providing this facility. I would also like to know where can i get the guitar chords for some famous melodic malayalam songs.

Eagerly waiting for this information and thank you,