Sunday, August 5, 2007

Photos: Electric blue flowers

Can you identify these flowers? Blue flowers are not very common. Initially I thought these are Ixora coccinea (Rubiaceae) [Common names: Jungle geranium, Rugmini (Hindi), Vedchi (Tamil), Rangan (Bengali), Chethi (Malayalam)]. But I have my doubts.

Photos: (C) KO Isaac
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GVK said...

How do you manage to reproduce in your blog, with such stunning clarity ? I could do with your guidance on linking photos to blog, the way you want it.

Meera's Blog said...

wow,its so beautiful!! but i dont think its chethi!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the compliment GVK. Actually I don't deserve it. I can't even rectify my posts. Sometimes half of them come in larger fonts and different colors than what I intended.

Perhaps it is the quality of the photographs that makes the difference.

Any way, this is what I do. All the raw material is transfered either to 'webshots data' or 'my pictures'. I do a bit of cropping where required to frame the image properly. Then I apply 'autocorrect'. While uploading I choose the size and location from the options given in the template.

Unknown said...

I agree with you Meera. I must find out the name of the flower probably through a botanist.

Whenever I come across the word 'chethi', I think of the song 'Chethi, mandaram, thulasi...'

Meera's Blog said...

hey:)after you get the name,send me the seeds of that plant:)the flowers are absolutely stunning!!

Dinakar KR said...

Absolutely beautiful! Stunningly BLUE! I have got it identified for you here by gardening enthusiasta / friends in this gardening website: as Memecylon edule var. ovatum

Hope this helps. Also, they ask me if you give permission to use that first picture in their Plants Files Database. Do let me know. I'll follow this blog which was fwdd to me by another blogger.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Mr. Dinakar. Not only me but other readers too, I'm sure, would appreciate the information.

Regarding the photo, I have to take permission from Mr. KO Isaac. Have sent him an email and shall revert on receving his reply.

In the meantime it would be helpful if you send me your email id.

Unknown said...

Meera, kindly see Mr. Dinakar's comment. I'll find out how the plant is propagated.

Dinakar KR said...

Good that the plant was identified for you. I have since heard from our web host!

Unknown said...

Mr. Dinakar, thanks once again for getting the plant identified.

I couldn't contact you since I didn't have your email id. I have heard from Mr. KO Isaac. He has no objection to using the photo on their website on condition that his copyright is mentioned.

Dinakar KR said...

RIP Mr.Abraham.
It was through these photos and post that we got to know each other.
You will be missed forever.