Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Indian 'King of France'.

Did you read my post 'Indian who could have been King of France?' If you haven’t, see it at
This is a follow up of that story based on a report in The New Indian Express of March 6, 2007.

The 48 year old Balthazar Napoleon de Bourbon who lives in the old quarter of Bhopal, India, is a lawyer and a part-time farmer. It was his father who started the effort to establish the connection between his family and the Bourbon kings of France by writing to the royal houses of Europe.

Balthazar has plans to visit his ‘kingdom’ for the first time. But he says, “I am waiting for an amicable atmosphere there. I understand that a lot of people have not taken kindly to me.” He has to undergo a DNA test either in France or in India. After that he would make a claim for the title.

However the would be king asserts, “… I will continue to live here in India as an Indian citizen. I do not want to relocate to France or obtain French citizenship.”

All the best, Balthazar.

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