Monday, March 5, 2007

Indian who could have been the King of France?

Ever heard of Balthazar Napoleon de Bourbon? Not likely. This Lawyer-farmer is hardly known outside his circle in Bhopal, India. But suddenly he has become the buzzword among the royalty of Europe.

The reason?

Well, if the French throne still existed, Balthazar who has never set foot in France would be the next one to sit on it. It would appear that his ancestor who came to India in 16c was perhaps a nephew of the first Bourbon king of France. If this were true, the Indian would be related to many royals including the present King of Spain.

Balthazar has nothing to with the claim though the front door of his house in Bhopal sports a brass plaque with the crest of the French monarchy and the inscription ‘House of Bourbon’. It is Prince Michael of Greece who has presented the theory. Angelique Chrisafis has written a must read story on it for Guardian Newspapers Ltd. The Hindu carried it on 4 March 2007 under the title ‘The Lost Bourbon, in India’. You can access the original article Found in India: the last king of France at Guardian Unlimited.


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