Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wall Document.

This document appears on a wall in the ‘nalukettu’ at Thekkanattu Parayil, Olavipe, India. It became exposed while scraping the lairs of old wash on the wall for repainting. Mr. Medhekar has taken this splendid photo of it.

On the left is the image of a large China jar, like the one in the drawing room of the house (see picture below).

The drawing on the right resembles the walking stick of my great-grandfather, Mathoo Tharakan (see image above).

This wall document, which is nearly a hundred years old, was, most likely, done by Appan (father) when he was a child. His name appears vertically in the center. It is interesting to note the name in this image is spelt ‘Cochupappu’ instead of the normal ‘Kochupappu’. In the early part of the last century, it was common to use capital ‘C’ instead of ‘K’ in proper nouns.

What the other sketches and scribbling stand for, is not known.

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