Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fiction (Flash): The Wait


I’m sure that I fell in love with her only after my death.

As the end was nearing I was afraid – the dread of the unknown. She was also in the room along with a few others, standing apart in a corner. Her eyes, which often met mine, gave a silent assurance that she would be there to see me off to the place I was going. That helped.

She was crying quietly as I left.

There was no wall, no door, and no veil to go through. I was in one world and a moment later in another. It was a surprise that I could still see humans and kept watching what was happening on earth. She was at the funeral as well, dignified, even beautiful, but I knew that her inside was lacerated. I wanted to reach out and sooth her.

Was it then that I fell in love?

We had been schoolmates in our small town. Later I became a travel journalist and a globetrotter. She stayed back, became a teacher, and went through a marriage that ended in divorce within two years. We met occasionally on my rare visits home. That was always enjoyable.

What struck me about my new home was the emptiness that stretched out to infinity. I was alone. From time to time translucent images moved in the distance, some in a hurry, others slowly – spirits like me. But we had no communication between us.

Sometimes I wondered how she would like my present abode that would be hers too some day. I watched her on earth regularly. She looked different – sadder, older, so lonely.

I had no physical wants. Days and nights did not exist where I was. All that could be seen was the woolly nothingness. But time was aplenty. Not in units. Interminable.

My entire earthly life was on show frequently. At each viewing new revelations emerged – the wrongs and rights I did, matters that I could have handled better, my failures, weaknesses, and so on. I was capable of much more good. And questions came up. Why did I hurt people? Why didn’t I help others as much as I could have? Why did I carry grudges?

There was no feeling of guilt but only realisation, disappointment that I had not performed as well as I could have, and a sense of sadness. The greatest regret was that I failed to recognise her love for me. We could have been married happily, had a home, children.

Then I started visiting her at night. I would sit silently on her bed watching the woman I loved. Some times I communicated without words. I knew she understood because of changes in her expression and the rare smiles. In the morning she perhaps forgot what had happened in her sleep or dismissed it as a pleasant dream.

During one of my nocturnal visits she fell sick, suddenly going into a fit of coughing. She was perspiring profusely and clutched her chest, gasping. My inability to help was frustrating. I returned, praying that her death would be painless, and waited.

I was unaware how long it took, but finally she died.

Shortly, an image flashed past me. Was it her, looking for me? She didn’t know where I was in that vastness of space. Then it sank in – a soul had no visual identity without physique.

What next? Rebirth? Resurrection of the body?

The wait for my beloved continues.


Anonymous said...

For millions of years, we mankind lived just like the animals :). And as we evolved, we realized the god is within ourselves and that the soul or the mind is right between our ears - within the brain - in the ocean of our thoughts and reasoning.

Do plants and animals have souls too.. and contemplate like us about the re-birth and

Do plants experience love or any kind of emotion?

The the power of creation is within us and the every tiny atom.

Ramachandran said...

Please see my post,The Rise and Fall of Thachil Mathu Tharakan in my blog,Hamlet in Monsoon

Unknown said...

Hello Kariyachan, nice to hear from you after a long time.The questions you have put forward are really mind blogging.

Anonymous said...

Dear AT sir;
Really nice to know that you are in sound health.

Expecting more of your wealth -of experiences and thoughts - to be shared , via your blogs.

Kind regards;

Anonymous said...

Dear AT sir;
Really nice to know that you are in sound health.

Expecting more of your wealth -of experiences and thoughts - to be shared , via your blogs.

Kind regards;