Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life without computer - 2

Five years back I wrote about the same subject (http://parayilat.blogspot.in/2008/11/life-without-computer.html). For the last 10 weeks I was again off computers, spending time in and out of hospitals. Tried to use a laptop but couldn’t concentrate. In any case the reference materials on the desk top could not be accessed.

Early November I completed 80 years. There was a string of parties, family and friends celebrating the event. That was great, but affected my writing. In fact I could produce only one post during the month.

December started with a nasty fall. I had gone for a funeral. The lady who had died was the wife of Dr. Jacob Taliat’s (The greatness of human nature – a true story) grand son. While climbing the steps to the house I tripped on the steps. Had a complicated fracture on the left ankle. The left leg had to be kept up almost continuously. With the care of the best doctors in Cochin the problem has been taken care of and I am back at the computer.

I am so happy that though there were no new posts for nearly three months, there were so many visitors to my blog. Thank you. Please do continue to give me support.

I hope to post regularly once pending comments have been attended to.

Thank you once again.


shipra said...

you must be having so many ideas now and full of energy to continue. Best wishes.............:)

Unknown said...

shipra, thank you.

ER Ramachandran said...

Would like to hear your experience at hospital doctors and of course, nurses, in your inimitable style! welcome back AT...


ER Ramachandran said...

Glad you are back AT. Looking forward to your experience in hospital with doctors and of course, nurses..


Unknown said...

ERR, thank you for the comments.