Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Progress in agriculture

This photo of plowing land for paddy cultivation was taken in Kerala 
in 1901. Can you recognize a change that has taken place in over a century?

Today there won't be a man holding a palm leaf umbrella for the master. He will cost too much and not many Keralites would like to be seen doing such low jobs.

Of course, the palm leaf umbrella has has been
replaced by modern ones and the master
can use one himself.


Nebu said...

Will there be agricultural activity after another century. May be those can be mechanised will survive.
Paddy cultivation is one of the few agricultural activity that can be mechanised from A to Z. But it requires large areas for it to be viable and with the retrograde steps like land ceiling there is hardly any large holding now.

Unknown said...

Nebu, you are absolutely right. Fragmentation of land has practically killed the scope for mechanization in paddy cultivation. And the leftists control the use of mechanical implements where they can be effective.

Amanda said...

This is cool!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Amanda.