Monday, March 15, 2010

BBC on Kerala’s drinking

On the 12th of this month Davey Jones was kind enough to, in a comment on my post Merry Mallus and mosquitoes, give the link to a recent BBC news article on the heavy drinking by Keralites.

It is an interesting piece. The link is:

Please do have a look at it. Some Malayalam newspapers carried the story this morning.

My recent posts on the subject are:

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Thank you Davey Jones.


perumalythoma said...

Interesting article.
Though I do not necessarily agree with alcohol being blamed for all the state's ills.

But the solution - less alcohol content - I find hilarious.
Last month, went out to pick up some beer.
Only to figure that only 'strong' beers are available.
No 'regular' beers.
Settled without, therefore.

And while I really don't appreciate the experience of buying alcohol in those state-run stores, I don't see what's so wrong with the state earning an alcohol revenue.
At least, I have some assurance that what I am buying is genuine stuff.

Haddock said...

That is really great.
And isn't that Mohanlal doing the ad for some drink?
That is a nice photograph of taking out tody from the coconut tree. Unfortunately there too the good old cherata is replaced by the plastic bottle.
The worst part id the accidents due to drunken drivers. And the boozers brush it off saying "he just had a little"