Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Terrorism: A shocked nation awakens

The demons that planned and executed the 26/11 attack on Mumbai must have realized that their venture has turned out to be counterproductive despite the mayhem it created. Like never before a nation has awakened to the need to fight terrorism with all its might. The solidarity resolution by the Indian Parliament portrays that resolve more than anything else.

Initially, at least some sceptics might have wondered whether it was wise for India to take the matter to the UN Security Council. Happily, it has resulted in consolidating world opinion against Pakistan. That country stands exposed.

I had published earlier a post The Benazir tragedy: is Pakistan a failed State? Now the world is asking whether Pakistan is a rogue state or terrorist state. In the comity of nations Pakistan stands isolated.

That by itself does not solve our problem. We must realize that the countries which condemn terrorism have their own compulsions and may not walk the full distance with us. India has to fight her own battles.

Attack Pakistan? Certainly not. Any aggression by India at this stage would be playing into the hands of Pakistan as it would divert world attention from the terror factor. We should be ready for war if it becomes inevitable, but cannot afford to be trigger happy and vitiate the unprecedented support that we have from the other nations.

What do we do then? Irrespective of whether the world formally endorses it or not, let us, in our policymaking and actions, accept Pakistan for what it is – a rouge state with nuclear strike capability.

There is nothing Islamic or patriotic about that country’s strategies and convictions. Perpetual conflict with India is a necessity for some key personnel of Pakistan either to stay in power or for other reasons. Possibly, Pakistan has more uniformed millionaires than any other country. As a result, that country has become a haven for terrorists and criminals and remains backward. It is incredible why some Western countries pump money and materials into Pakistan for ‘fighting terrorism’ when it is evident how those funds are utilized.

India should have the toughness to call a spade a spade. Ever since its inception, Pakistan has been spreading untruths about India. What is the point in talking about ‘bhai-bhai’ relationship with such an entity? Let us not waste our time and energy on peace talks. It just does not make sense. If Pakistan has any meaningful peace proposals let them submit those for our consideration.

The biggest buffoonery is Pakistan’s suggestion to have a joint investigation into the 26/11 attack. It does not even deserve a response. Let us do it our way, and quickly too. Let us also not trust Pakistan’s claims about banning terrorist organizations and arresting their leaders. Sufficient time has been given to the culprits to transfer funds to other names.

The suggestion for a Federal Investigating Agency is intrinsically good. But it should not turn out to be another intelligence gathering outfit. We have so many of them, ready to play the blame game at the slightest provocation. Coordination and accountability should be the key words.
There should be clearly defined channels for passing on intelligence and for action taken reports.

Experience from the recent elections to the State Assemblies should deter the political parties from politicising the issue of terrorism. As long as we stand united, there will always be an India, bright and shining.

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Happy Kitten said...

But as usual we are lumbering instead of acting fast and decisively.

Pakistan continues to claim that there is no solid proof that the terrorists are from Pakistan and India remains silent. Why? Or does it not matter? What stops India from throwing solid proofs at the International Community? Now that Pakistan refused to let British police interrogate the so called terrorists they claim to have arrested, India should give a fitting reply by letting the lone terrorists be interrogated by the British police. Let them hear it first hand and tell the world if no other proof is available.

As for the bodies of the rest of the terrorists; in what way can they be proved to be Pakistanis? This question has baffled me.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, Sir.

Terrorists killed almost 200 of our fellow countrymen and women, that included our precious security personnel. We killed all nine but one of them in defense. The one that we have, has killed fifty of us, and rather than hanging him, our judiciary and media is debating about who his lawyer would be. Eventually he will be saved or no wonder traded by Islamic fanatics in yet another Kandahar and our television channels + netas will have yet another round of salvos to fire from their fungal mouths. In my opinion the verdict for this lunatic is simple; he has killed fifty people, he has confessed to crime, so what is the problem, hang him? It is as simple as that.

But this would not be the case; the debate will go on and on and on and on until, and as I said, another Kandahar takes place.

I am sorry to say but Mumbai operation was a total failure one, because of absolutely no coordinated effort; two, because media did a good job providing them information via Pakistan; and three, they took 200 lives for the 9 they had.

Surprisingly, we are still patting our backs and thinking that united as India stands today is going to prevent another such strike. This is ostritch mentality, because, and as the satirist has remarked, "operation was successful but the patient is dead."

India is dead and it doesn't make much difference whether or not it awakens...

Happy Kitten said...

Annoymous has expressed the sentiments that most Indians felt and are still feeling during their doubting moments.

But if after those doubting moments have passed we still feel that all is lost; then all is lost. Wouldnt this be another way of surrendering to our enemies? Are'nt we bowing out of the arena?
Is it out of your despair that you seem there in no other solution but to kill the lone terrorist. Or is there another solution? Of course he should be hanged in public as soon as possible. I think our police officers are smart and have gathered enough information from this killer. Let him not come to the world stage and start repeating the same old story of Kashmir. If other nations are doing it what is stopping India from doing it. But now we have the best criminal lawyer willing to represent this killer and we remain silent.
I do not think India needs to demonstrate her democracy in this case. If the new laws that have been brought in cannot still hang this criminal without further nonsense; then it is time for a public agitation. Let us see which leader or political party refrains from joining this agitiation; then maybe we can throw them also in jails.

I find that the Corporates have succeeded in getting themselves protected; but who will protect the ordinary Indians?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Happy Kitten. I share the anguish, and am anguished too, like all of us in India are. An average Indian's life has been reduced to a penny's worth by those whom we elect to power. An average Indian's life is trampled over time and again the way ants are trampled over in a farmland.

Yes, India can change, it will for better if any terrorist strike kills 2-3 dozens of our high-profile netas enmass.

We are governed by sick people whom we call parliamentarians or legislators. If you watched today's session in Lok Sabha, you would realize why I am saying what I am saying.

They were again leg-pulling each other and one was at his best to prove the other wrong, and vice versa. Rather than debating on how to tackle terror, this Sonia Gandhi sychophant, Kapil Sibal was counting points against POTA to L K Advani. All of them out there are pests who breed on the tax we pay and blood we toil.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the author, the culprits miscalculated the impact of their heinous acts.

Repeated Pakistani assertion about the influence of non-state actors along with some countries naming 'non-state' suspects makes the picture more puzzling.

One more point to ponder is the silence from the international community regarding the latest revelations/ allegations against potentially dangerous actors.

Even if the remaining terrorist is hanged nothing much is to be gained from that, instead more than ever India needs ,with surgical precision to get the already fatal 'Tumors' removed no matter where they are or with whom.

If even such non state actors could create havoc in Mumbai of this such a magnitude, surely our nation has the capability to perform the 'remedial surgery' to remove the so called actors.

Such a surgery is the need of the hour no matter what.

A direct military confrontation with Pakistan may sound good to many,though it won't be in the direct long term interests at all for our country, especially since Pakistan is a full armed Nuclear Power.

Unknown said...

Thank you Happy Kitten, Anonymous and Kariyachan, for your interesting comments. Since there are so many points involved, I have combined my responses and posted today under the title 'More on fighting terrorism.