Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photos: Vegetables for Onam

Top eight pictures from Thekkanattu Parayil Estate, Olavipe.
The vegetables are organically grown.
Copyright reserved.
Last two images from Wikimedia Commons.
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What a nice feeling I got when I saw the pictures. The first one looks as delightful as a painting. And the idea of organically grown is more and more inviting.

Anonymous said...

You have not said how these vegetables are used. The Karela (bitter gourd) looks yellowish. Decades ago, in 1960s my uncle in Tanjore district was growing vegetables organically in his garden. The process was messy and time consuming. In Mysore a horticulturist suggested some changes and our coconut yield in our garden in Mysore doubled. Even with that I find organic growing a fad. There are really some pests which can kill plants and trees.

I would have liked your piece about Onam instead of these vegetable photographs.

Anonymous said...

There is a good feature article on Onam in 10th Sept Star of Mysore.

Unknown said...

Raji you are right. The first picture appears almost like a painting. I think that is not by design. It is a bit out of focus and that really augments its appeal.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Mysorean.

We have these light colored bitter gourd in Kerala and predictably they are less bitter. I don't know whether their medicinal value is any less.

I don't think that organic farming is a fad. There are organic formulations for pest control. It is not commercially very viable. But we use organically grown vegetables and fruits for the table at home to the extent possible.

Today I have posted a piece about Onam. Please have a look at it.

Unknown said...

mysorean, thanks for the lead. I'm leaving for Bangalore tomorrow morning. Shall have a look at the article after return.

Anonymous said...

The likes of 'Kaachil' is quite delicious. I fondly remember eating steamed 'Kaachil' with a dash of fish curry or 'greenchilli-red onion paste in coconut oil' washed down with some good old home ground black coffee.

Unknown said...

Kariyachan, thanks for refreshing my memory. It is a long time since I had 'kachil'.