Sunday, June 8, 2008

A beautiful carving

Photo: AT (Copyright reserved)
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This beautiful carving on a coconut is another creation of Reji Navasree (see: A village artist). Coconut husk is a difficult medium to carve on. First of all there is the tough outer skin. Then there are the fiber and the pith. But Reji has done a fine job, delicately cutting through them to produce this piece. Unfortunately it doesn’t last for more than a day or two. Ideally this work is good to decorate a party table.

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This is very attractive. In Chennai at wedding venues, imaginative artists masquerading as cooks, display their talent, carving out of various vegetables artistic pieces, like colourful flower arangements and figures. Unfortunately, like the coconut carving, these don't last long either.

Abraham Tharakan said...

Our village artist too is in good demand for wedding decorations. As you said, their carvings on fruits, vegetables and ice do not last.
Reminds me of these lines from Omar Khayyam:
'Like Snow upon the Desert's dusty Face
Lighting a little Hour or two - is gone.'