Friday, July 27, 2007

Coconut wood sculpture: Stump to sheep

When an old, slanting coconut palm outside our eastern gate house was felled, the ugly stump, like the one in the picture, remained. Before the workers started removing it, my brother Jacob called Reji (A village artist) and asked whether he had any artistic ideas. This young man of 28 had been creating images on all kinds of medium. But coconut wood is a tough material to carve on. Even professional carpenters prefer not to work on it.

Reji looked at the stump for a minute and said, ‘There is a sheep inside it. If I take out the excess material, it will show.’ Jacob told him to go ahead. He worked for four days with borrowed tools and came out with what must surely be one of the finest and largest sculptures in coconut wood. See a photo of it by KO Isaac below:

The background screen is plaited fresh coconut fronds. Isn’t that too beautiful?

If you like this work, please do send an email to Reji. It would be a good encouragement to this young artist.

Artist Reji,

Navasree, Olavaippu, Kerala, India – 688 526

Phone 91 478 252 4152.


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Anonymous said...

I know I am way way late but wanted to tell you I love your blog and particularly this young artist Reji who could see the sheep in the stump of the coconut tree. PLEASE tell Reji some people in far off land (USA) have appreciated his work. I am posting this as Annonymous because I can not wait to post this comment, Later I will sign up for the blog and tell you about me. Thanks
signed A visitor.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, thank you. I am still waiting for your communication.