Monday, July 30, 2007

Personal Banking: Non-service without a smile

I lost my ATM card on July 13, reported the loss the same day to the bank and was assured that a new card would be delivered within ten days. On July 16 there was an SMS from the bank saying that the new card had been dispatched to Chennai Branch by courier for onward transmission.

After waiting till 27th I went to the bank around noon. A grim looking clerk listened to me and turned to his computer. After a while I reminded him that he hadn’t responded to me. He rudely told me that he was busy and there was a help counter from where I should take a coupon and await my turn. When I asked him why he hadn’t said that in the first place, his answer was, ‘I’m telling you now.’

I went to the manager who was sitting at a small table outside his cabin just ten feet way. He said he had seen what happened. He took the details from me and turned to his computer. After several minutes passed I told him that it was difficult for me [nearing 74] to stand [there was no chair for the customer]. He answered that his computer was too slow and I should wait in the lobby till I was called.

Strangely at that time a worker replaced the number sign on the last counter [next to the manager’s seat] with a ‘Senior Citizens’ board. The counter was not manned.

After some time I returned to the manager and said that I would go [since it was my lunch time] and he could give me ring. He agreed but no call came.

On 28th morning I phoned. The girl who attended said pleasantly that the manager would call back. He did, in the afternoon with an incredible story – he couldn’t follow up the matter because the power failed and my data on his computer was lost! Imagine a bank computer without back up power or auto-save! He took the details again. So far he hasn’t come back. And here I am – an old man literally without any money.

You might think that this happened with a nationalized bank. No, it is one of India’s top new-gen banks!

What should I do? Blow the whistle?


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Nebu said...

I am not surprised by your experience.
Last year I applied for a Young Star debit card for my minor son (I believe you need to be 18 to own a regular card) which was promptly issued but to his horror he found that none of the ATMs of the bank would accept the card and he was stranded without any money at Bangalore. Luckily for him his friends came to his help.
A complaint was made and the bank issued another card which too was rejected by all the ATMs, another complaint, another card same fate.
The new generation bank said that they can't do anything about it and that the computers are to be blamed and that it was the first time ever it has happened three consecutive times for the same account.
Finally I closed the account and I still have their free gift a fixed focus manual camera fit for Barbie doll!!

Meera's Blog said...

oh great!! this time when we were in trivadrum,(last month),we thought of going to the asianet office to ask some questions about the internet.
there were two girls sitting at the reception.none of them looked up.then when we said-excuse me-one looked up with such a grumpy,cranky face that you wonder why you stepped inside that building.the help from her was almost zero.we have decided to write a letter to the manager about this.wonder what these people is going to loose to have a pleasant face!!
at the same time,when we went to a govt office,the response was unbelievable!the people were pleasnt looking and we got our things done in two days with no waiting!!

Abraham Tharakan said...

Nebu, that's how it goes. I took up the matter with higher authrities of the bank and that had its effect.

Abraham Tharakan said...

Hello, Meera. When I noticed that your Blog was inactive since May (27th?) rightly guessed that you were on holiday.
I think some people behave rudely out of certain complex. Or, they just don't understand that a smile could make a world of difference, to themselves and to others.

Meera's Blog said...

yup:)i was on vacation .still unable to get back to normal life:)wants to go back and is counting the months now:)eleven more months!!:)

ya i agree,mostly it could be the complex that makes these people behave this way or it could be just pure arrogance and rudeness.

Ashvin said...

my all time favourite ' if you see someone without a smile, please give them one of yours'....