Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kerala food: Achappam

Achappam is a crisp savory. It is round, golden brown in color and with an intricate design that resembles a flower. A mold heated in oil is used to make it; ‘achu’ in Malayalam means mold.

I used to think that achappam is a South Indian delicacy till reading recent posts (June 21, 22) in my good friend Jacob Matthan’s Jacob's Blog (an interesting site, I must say). He and his wife Annikki stay in Oulu, Finland. They go to a Thai restaurant in Oulu and guess what they find? Achappam!

This image is from Jacob's Blog, which has a few good pictures of the savory. Jacob immediately writes about it in his blog. He follows it up by providing the recipe for this delicacy. And the recipe is by none other than late Mrs. K.M. Mathew, the famous culinary expert. Jacob is her nephew.

Go to Jacob's Blog and read all about it.


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Anonymous said...

I do think it is a Kerala recipe. The Indians in Malaysia has brought it from India and it is known as kuih rose here .It is acknowledged here that it is an Indian recipe. It does not mean that it is a Thai or Malaysian food.

Abraham Tharakan said...

anonymous, thank you for the information.

snigdha G said...
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