Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cricket: Sachin Tendulkar’s Twenty20 ‘debut’

The huge Melbourne Cricket Ground would have been an ideal locale for the Master Blaster to make his Twenty20 debut. But he ended up watching the match along with the 85000 spectators.

Dhoni’s explained that he asked Sachin whether he wanted to play and the great batsman said he would rather rest. Some senior players could be offended by such questions. Obviously Sachin was included in the team for the one off encounter to play. In my opinion a Captain’s job includes making decisions on who should play instead of going around asking the players whether they like to play.

Dhoni was clueless from the beginning of the match to its miserable end for India. At least when early wickets fell he should have stepped in and taken charge. Instead he went in at No.6 and slipped into Test match opening mode scoring 9 runs off 27 balls!

This young man with potential has much to learn. It takes more maturity to carry victory (like the Twenty20 World crown) than to accept defeat. When things go wrong, a captain’s facial expressions, body language, decisions and actions should inspire his players.

Flippant statements do not add to stature. Drop senior players if you want but there is no need to say things like ‘his absence would not be felt’. Don’t talk when there is no need to. It is not mandatory for a Captain to answer all questions by the media.

A team that included Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman and Kumble could have possibly done better. But then of course there is the ‘in theme’ – give the youngsters chance. Today’s senior players were young once. They got their opportunity, performed and keep performing even today.

Pick the team to win the match on hand. Deserving youngsters would automatically get their chance.


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Murali RamaVarma said...

You are absolutely on target about Dhoni's immature approach to Sachin and his reply. These young captains do not understand the nuances of man management and behavioural issues.


Anonymous said...

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