Friday, February 29, 2008

Astrology: Horoscope for houses?

Yesterday I came across A TEMPLE WITH A MUSICAL HISTORY, AND A VISIT TO THE PAST in Raji’s Ramblings. It is an interesting post, well written, and includes two photographs. One is of a vast expanse of green rice fields and the other of an old house which has certainly seen better days and now lies unoccupied.

The second image reminded me of an evening in the early 1990s at my lawyer friend K. Vijayakumar’s house in Cherthala, Kerala. He had one of the most brilliant legal brains that I have come across, internationally. He was also well informed on many subjects.

We got to talking about Vastu (the science related to buildings). Vijayakumar told me that a house could have a horoscope which would indicate births and deaths that take place there, periods when it would be vacant, how and when the building comes to its own end, and several other things.

There is logic to this. If horoscopes of human beings are drawn up based on planetary positions at the time of birth, why can’t it be done for houses though they are considered inanimate? After all, in the olden days, houses were constructed based on Vastu Shastra. Now there is a resurgence of Vastu.

Evolved during the Vedic times, Vastu is a combination of astronomy, astrology, art and architecture. It is meant to harness the positive energies from the elements and create the perfect ambiance for physical and mental health, and prosperity and happiness of those who stay in the house. Feng Shui, the system practiced in China and Japan, it is said, had its origin from Vastu.

There is a belief that if the design of a building is not in conformity with Vastu, calamities can befall the person who built it and those who live there. I know two cases which indicate this could be true.

A cousin of mine had the outhouse shifted to a new location within the compound to remodel his house. Soon his family ran into a series of major health problems. On the advice of Thomas George (“Shilpi” Babu), a senior Architect and Vastu expert of Cochin, the outhouse was brought back to the original location and the troubles vanished.

The second instance again involves a cousin, who built a beautiful new house. I drew a rough sketch of it and showed “Shilpi” Babu. He took one look and said, “The man who built this won’t live for long.” Actually, the cousin had died the same night the house was occupied.

How do you explain these? I didn’t have much faith in astrology but a few meetings with the famous astrologer Mithran Namboori made me think that there is substance to the system. (See: Three predictions.). I also wrote a short fiction piece (The story of a story.) with a strong astrology background.

If you have any information on horoscope for houses, can you share it with us?




However dispassionate I try to be about these things, I am stumped by some events that defy any scientific reasoning.

That there is some power above all of us wielding some inexorable strength that guides our lives, I do not dispute - but also power over houses and buildings? Feng shui and Vaastu are sciences that have been around for centuries, long before the white man came and pooh-poohed all these notions. They can't have survived had there not been some reason, scientific or otherwise, in them.
A very simple example. Vaastu advises that the kitchen face the east - simple - the sunlight enters the room in the morning from the east, filling the kitchen with daylight to do your cooking in.

kallu said...

I've found that having the kitchen in the east is fine but having the stove counter under eastern facing window is not good- the sun blinds you in the morning. Having it on another wall perpendicular to the eastern wall works very well. While the sink under the eastern window is okay.

Mike said...

A very interesting idea. I've always approached astrology as it affects humans, but in fact the effects of various conjunctions are just like the wind and touch everything physical just as it touches ourselves.
I would think a practical use would be for planning construction during aspects leading towards solidity and longevity.
Thanks for the new direction of thought :-)
Your comments would be most welcome at our blog -

Sunita said...

I agree with Raji about the directions specified by Vaastu. Though, I always thought that recommending the East as the best place for a kitchen must be to avoid the south-westerly winds bringing in the monsoons every year. Imagine the mayhem if all that rain and gusty winds were allowed free rein in a kitchen !

Greyscale Territory said...

After reading your post, my thoughts are really flying. I have always felt that houses have a certain presence.

The house I live in at the moment, I believe, is managed by the power of the land. I live on a mountain that was once used as a sacred place for Aboriginal groups. At times, I am sure there is a decided connection with their ancient presence.

Love all these thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Everything Astrology

raj said...

astrology influences everything living or non-living.