Monday, September 3, 2007

ATM Service

The ATMs make cash withdrawals so easy and avoids the risk of keeping much money at home. You walk in to an ATM facility, insert the card, punch in your personal code and the amount to be drawn, and presto, the money is in your hands. That is, if there money in the ATM machine.

There is an ATM booth about two hundred meters away from my house. So convenient. I normally draw money before or after my evening walk. A few weeks back when I went to that ATM, there was an out of order board hung at the door. The guard told me there was no cash. I thought it was one of those exceptional situations.

Well, it happened again yesterday (September 1). When I went to the ATM booth around 5 P.M. the ‘out order’ notice was there. The guard explained, politely of course, that the machine (not the bank) ran out of money and that it would be replenished within an hour. I went back after some time but funds hadn’t arrived yet. The guard was apologetic and assured me that by next morning the ATM surely would be operational again. The bank involved is the same as the one mentioned in my post, Personal Banking: Non-service without a smile

I decided to blog this as a warning to others. If you are going on a journey and plan to draw money from ATM en route to the airport or railway station, you could be taking a risk. It is safer to collect cash earlier and keep, to avoid the risk of traveling without enough money on hand. ATM card in the pocket is not always a substitute for hard cash.


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