Monday, September 10, 2007

Three matters:

Blogging: why not teenagers too?

Lakshmi Bharadwaj is a committed blogger. Reading the posts by this young (16 years) lady is always a pleasure. Responding to Mr. GV Krishnan’s article on blogging by senior citizens and my post Believe it or not - blogging at 107, Lakshmi has published a piece, Why do Teenagers Blog?, which is thought provoking. Here is a sample: ‘If you observe the ‘teenage’ blogs, you can see we usually write about ourselves. We are those struggling souls, caught between childhood and adulthood, struggling on a path of self-discovery. That’s why we need a blog. We need to voice ourselves, it gives immense relief.’

I suggest that you read Lakshmi at An Amateur's contribution

Improving the world we live in

My post reproducing Teresa’s Quick ways to make a difference has drawn the following email comment from an internationally well-known Professor Emeritus in Europe:

I am very happy to read the posting on Teresa's blog which you had copied in yours… But to see that she is trying to channel good intentions into concrete actions is really wonderful. Her suggestions bring up a few possible actions which we had not thought of. And we are happy about that. Please convey our warm regards and congratulations to her.


Please see my post
Ixora coccinea (Rubiaceae) - flowers that gods and...
I found this photo of the white flower. It is beautiful.

The photo is from Wikimedia Commons under GNUFDL. Click to enlarge.


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