Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quick ways to make a difference

[I came across this post in my daughter Teresa’s Blog,(under construction) ‘SaveOurCity’ Though the Blog is Mumbai specific, some of the points are universal. It is reproduced with Teresa’s permission. There are so many ways in which one can help the underprivileged.You are welcome to add your suggestions to these.]


1. Go on a retail therapy spree, but buy products made by the disabled/underprivileged at
2. Sign up for a New Magic Bus ICICI affinity credit card and indirectly help sponsor a child
3. Buy things at


1. Donate old mobile phones to the deaf (SMS messages and the vibrator mode make this a very effective method of communication esp for the working deaf)
2. Donate old computers to balwadis/municipal schools
3. Give old toys to Toy Foundation or to the Toy Bank (call Sunisha on 9820856315 or Swati on 9821352836), old bed sheets to Old Age homes, old clothes to orphanages.
4. Donate old magazines to old age homes; books to libraries at jails and remand homes; children’s textbooks, bulk paper from corporates to a leprosy home, story books to orphanages and schools for less privileged children
5. Have a ‘Donation Day’ every quarter year, in companies, housing associations, or schools
6. Donate your computer’s idle time to Google Compute, to help carry out calculations for scientific research
7. Carry biscuits or other foodstuff (preferably packaged food or fruit/veggies) to give street kids at traffic signals
8. Gift a donation to a cause of your choice on behalf of a special person, through
9. Answer a hospitalized child’s wish at


1. Read stories into a cassette for blind kids (or record your voice while you read to your children), and give it to a nearby blind school; text books can also be read aloud into a cassette.
2. Separate your rubbish into biodegradable, non-biodegradable, reusable; organize your society/neighborhood to do the same with the help of
3. Teach your maid/her children to read and write, Maths, English, etc

1. Employ a disabled person (Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped)

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