Monday, April 30, 2007

Twin Churches - An Update.

There is some good news regarding Churches on demolition line. The move to demolish the twin churches at Ramapuram has been stayed by the Archeology Department. It is not clear when this was done.

This morning I contacted offices of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India at New Delhi and the Palai Bishop in Kerala. Both denied any knowledge of the referendum reportedly scheduled for yesterday.

The Bishop’s office gave me the Ramapuram church telephone number. The priest who attended my call was guarded in speaking. He said words to the effect that people are spreading all kinds of baseless rumors. Then he mentioned about the stay without elaborating. But he did state that efforts are on to vacate the stay.

This is the time to act. I suggest that all those who are against the destruction of heritage buildings petition the Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala and organizations like INTACH

I have already done this.


Churches on demolition line.

Response to post on church demolition.

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