Friday, April 20, 2007

Change in blog name - 'Song of the waves...'

Some of the returning visitors might have noticed that there is a change in the name of this blog. I have added ‘Song of the waves’ to the title. Hopefully, it should not cause any problem in accessing the site. The URL remains the same. If there is any difficulty, use the old name.

Let me explain what prompted me to do this. A recent post in ‘under the fire star’ (a must read blog; carried the following comment: ‘Parayil A. Tharakan Blog may not have the most catchy name, but it's worth looking at. It is full of stories and pictures from a Kerala which must largely exist only in memory.’ (Well, the pictures are current.)

When I stumbled into the blogsphere hardly knowing the technicalities (a condition that prevails even now) the idea was to name my site ‘Abraham Tharakan Blog’. The label wasn’t available. It had been taken by none other than my second son who has the same name. His blog contains some good poetry ( Unfortunately, he seems to have abandoned the blog. I suppose that running a division of an IT giant doesn’t leave much time for creative literary work.

My elder son, Joseph is a Chief Officer in the merchant navy. He has published some good short stories and poems. My two daughters, Rosemary in Chennai and Teresa in Mumbai are both professional editors. That leaves out my wife, Annie. She doesn’t write or edit, but attends to the other side – reading. If the number of times she has read over the books of PG Woodhouse, PD James, Ruth Randal, Anne Taylor, John Grisham and a host of other writers were recorded she possibly stands a chance to get into the Guinness Book.

Now, about the reason why I chose the name ‘Song of the waves’. It has always been there, deep down inside me, the rhythm of the waves of Olavipe Lake, the murmur of the wind on the coconut palms, the music of a pristine land.

Before signing off this post, let me thank all the readers who have encouraged me during the short time that I’ve been blogging and request for continued support.

And, here’s a photo of the Olavipe Lake repeated from an earlier post ‘Gift of the waves…’


Nancy said...

Well, it is a good name, and it has meaning for you. I hope I didn't shame you into it!

Articles by Abraham Tharakan said...

I must thank you, Nancy, for the subtle suggestion about the name.
Abraham Tharakan.