Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Addenda to Laurie Baker - A Tribute

Again it is about a church. Yesterday I received an email which, among other things, made a comment about my post ‘Laurie Baker - A Tribute’


wondering whether a church was finally built at Olavipe. By an oversight I had not dealt with this point in my article mentioned above.

Well, a church was constructed, but not what Baker had envisioned. The grand design was created by some priest totally incompetent in architectural matters. We have quite a few of those going around. The result was a tolerable (if one believes in mortification) building that ignores the importance of light and air circulation. That was what the diocesan curia decreed and that was what Olavipe got!

The structure (no adjectives used) cost more than three times what Baker had estimated for his design! Now a move is on to demolish it and build a new one.

Don’t ask questions. Pay up if you want a place of worship. Only if you have a church you can raze it to the ground and build another one at that site.


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