Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chakram: The wheel that turned agricultural fortunes

This photo from Olavipe brings a rush of memories to my mind. In the good old days when paddy cultivation was a way of life, this was the time to sow seeds in our area. The Chakram was the critical equipment to control water levels on which the success of the crop depended.

I request you to read Morning After the Storm - Part 1., the Unison-British Council Prize-winning Short Story which covers the changes in Kerala’s agrarian scene during the last seven decades.

Photo by Rejo. Copyright reserved. Click to enlarge.


kallu said...

It is really a wonderful picture.
And the story... truly wonderful. It gives such a cross section of the life of a labourer in Kerala some time ago and so many events with it.
You are a great story teller

kallu said...
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Abraham Tharakan said...

Thank you very much Kallu, for the compliment. Your comment is inducing me to start writing stories again.