Sunday, December 9, 2007

Follow up

The Chicken & Egg Story

The Minister who made the now famous ‘eggs and chicken’ statement (See: Kerala: A Minister’s magic solution to food shortage) has come out with a clarification. He said some newspapers (I suppose he meant papers not owned by the Left Front) misquoted him. Unfortunately for him his Party’s General Secretary also condemned the statement. But that again could be based on ‘wrong reports’.

The ‘media mafia’ which is always for the bourgeois against the poor proletariat seem to be specializing in wrong reporting.

Now I am wondering whether there is something wrong with my eyes, ears and brain. I watched the clips of the Minister’s speech on different TV news bulletins. Did I see right, hear right and think right? Who knows?


Police woman bashing

A quo warranto writ was filed in the Kerala High Court stating that the two ministers who went to the Police Station allegedly to release the woman accused of slapping a lady constable in public (See Quo Vadis, Kerala?) have flouted the Oath of Office.. The petition has been rejected. The reported reason? The Police Department filed an affidavit stating that the ministers did not put any pressure on the police to release the accused; they went there only to meet their Party Secretary.

There certainly cannot be a law against someone meeting his boss at a Police Station or wherever. Why the boss was there is a different matter.

Also see: Savage Kerala


Globalization hits the courts too?

A Kerala Minister who is famous for announcing daily dozes of wisdom to his people has reportedly said yesterday the courts did not do justice to the State’s Education Policy because globalization is influencing the judiciary as well. He quickly added that his respect for the courts is101%.

No complaints from me because I have only 100% respect for the judiciary.

Also see: Contempt of Court - express your views



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