Friday, July 10, 2009

Flowers of India: Some great photos by KO Isaac

©All rights reserved KO Isaac.

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Sorry, I don’t know the names of all the flowers.

The top one looks like rain tree flower.

Fourth one is a lotus bud.

7th is gloriosa superba lily

8th is water lily.

May be some of you can help with the others. Thank you.

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Anil Nair said...

Dear Sir,

I looked into your blog from a link in Maddy's ramblings, and found the few I read quite remarkable. Need to look into all the blogs.

Bye the way, I had a old batch mate, a certain PH Hormis Tarakan, who was with me in St Joseph's Hostel, SB College Chry, during 84-86. I assume you may be a relative of him. Is there any way to get his mail id or his phone? My name is Anil Nair, he might remember me.

Thanks much,

Flowers Philippines said...

Great shots! and I really love them all. Wish I knew each of them. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Looking forward for your next post.


Abraham Tharakan said...

Anil Nair, please mail me at

Sorry for the delay. Somehow I missed your comment.

Abraham Tharakan said...

Flowers Philippines, I am happy that you liked the photos.

Send Flowers to India said...

Ys it is very good to all. picture of flowers is amazing.