Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kerala photos: Ponnozhukum Thodu

After reading From the Memory Box: Ponnozhukum Thodu – the stream where gold flows fellow blogger Nebu (Nebu’s reflections was kind enough to send me some photographs of Ponnozhukum Thodu. He was passing by the stream and took these pictures with his mobile phone camera. Thank you, Nebu. You don’t have to be apologetic about the quality of the photos. They are good enough.

Incidentally, Nebu is a regular contributor to the ‘Time Out’ feature of the New Indian Express.

According to Wikipedia, The Ponnozhukum thodu, ‘flows through Elikkulam, Mallikassery, Vilakkumadam, Edamattom regions and joins the Meenachil near the Shree Krishna Swamy temple, Bharananganam’. I have not found out where it originates.

The walkway to the stream. On the left are teak plants.

Another view of the walkway.

View downstream. The Thodu looks narrower than I remember.
Obviously the reason is the granite retaining walls
which were not there earlier.

View upstream.

This is what used to be the private bathing ghat.
The water still looks clear though rather stagnant.

For me Ponnozhukum Thodu is a stream of memories.

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Prakash said...

Our family(kokkatt) is mostly settled near the banks of Ponnozhukum Thodu in vilakkumadom although basically from bharananganam.
I grew up upto age 10 ,there in Vilakkumadom later to settle in Muvattupuzha.Still remembers..

- Prakash Jose Kokkatt