Thursday, December 11, 2008

Incommunicado days

Once you are used to the internet facility it is awful to be without it, even temporarily.
Last week we relocated to a new house. My wife and I used our daughter’s place as transit camp for a few days while professional packers & movers handled the shifting. Everything was in place when we moved in on December 3.
Well, everything except the landlines.
The phones were supposed to have been connected within 24 hours at the new address but it took the service provider 12 days to do that. The connection finally came through only yesterday evening! No blog posts or emails for a week. Don’t know how many days it will take me to catch up with the backlog.
The good news is that on the 8th of December I had the bandage on my broken foot taken off. It is such a relief being mobile again though I have to be careful about the foot for a few more weeks.
The doctor gave me an advice as I was leaving the hospital after the bandage was removed – don’t repeat the episode. I have no intention to.
One good thing about the forced internet inactivity was, as in the case of
Life without computer, that I could spend more time on reading. Currently I am going through ‘How Green Was My Valley’ again after decades. Do you remember this timeless classic by Richard Llewellyn? It is so beautiful. I believe that at one time it was a bestseller second only to The Bible!
Settling down at a new place has an element of excitement – getting to know the surroundings, the people around, exploring the area which I am yet to do. But locating things within the house, however well-marked the packages are, takes time.
The biggest bother at the moment however is identifying the electric switches. It certainly will take some time for one to get used to a new place.


Nebu said...

Good to hear from you again! Was wondering what had happened, Is the new house too on the seashore?

Sunita said...

I think that was an official 'housewarming blog'? I wish you joy, comfort, good company and peace in your new home.
I had a good laugh when I pictured you trying to sort out the electric switches. I have the same problem everytime I go from the flat to my 'tharavadu' for the weekend... and that's a home I've been living in for almost 20 years now!

meerasworld said...

You know sometimes i like when there is no internet connection or the tv is down:)When you have the connection you are tempted to use it,when you dont have it,you have no choice but not to use it:)
I am meera,an old blogger,in new name,due to a variety of odd reasons!!

Abraham Tharakan said...

Nebu, the house is not near the seashore. It is a good, central locality, and quiet too.

Abraham Tharakan said...

Sunita, thank you for the wishes.
Ah, about the switches, rather frustrating, I must say. It certainly would take us a while to sort it out.

Abraham Tharakan said...

Meerasworld, it is good to hear that Meera is back. I used to look up you site (Meera's Blog?) for some time and still remember those mouthwatering food pictures.
Now I know where to locate them.

Anonymous said...

The bard has rightly remarked:

Modern man has invented high-tech gadgets for the comfort of his life which ultimately give him tension.