Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kerala Architechture: Thekkanattu Parayil Heritage Home

Two more pictures of a Kerala Heritage Home.
Photos: TP (Copyright reserved).
Click on images for enlarged view.

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Ezee123 said...

Lovely looking structures. it must be a tough job maintaining the houses.

Where are these lovelies and how does one get to visit them ?

Abraham Tharakan said...

ezee123, the place is Olavipe, less than 1 hour drive from Vittyla, Ernakulam. Please contact Mr. Antony Tharakan 0478-2522255.

Ezee123 said...


I will call one of these days and see if I can go photograph the structures.


purnima said...

sir we r planning for a small but beautiful and different house in 1000yrs plot.can u pls suggest some pictures of good houses.thanx

Abraham Tharakan said...

Purnima, I suggest that you search for Kerala house photos on the web