Friday, March 7, 2008

Can Tantric power kill humans?

I missed the live coverage of the strange event on TV on Monday, but saw a report in the print media. It was, according to the news item, a rather unique performance – one man was trying to kill another who willingly offered himself as the potential victim. All in full media glare.

The unusual episode started when a former Chief Minister of a North Indian State claimed that someone was trying to kill her through tantric powers. In a TV Chanel discussion on the matter, a tantri asserted that a person could be killed in that manner. The Chairman of Rationalist International who was also present challenged the tantri to prove his contention. The tantri made a five minutes trial on the stage. That didn’t succeed.

More elaborate rituals were arranged. The procedure started at 10.45 in the night. Lights and cameras on. The rationalist was made to sit in front of the ‘homakunda’ and the trantri along with his support cast went to work.

The most fearsome procedures were used. I supposed it would have been like one of those horror movies. This went on for one and a half hours. The rationalist was still unharmed. The tantri finally accepted defeat.

What was all this about? A publicity stunt? It is generally accepted that Adharva can be effectively used for good or for bad. What did the tantri prove here? Either he didn’t know the appropriate mantras and tantras, or tantric power cannot kill a man.

But what I find intriguing is whether the laws of the country allow such demonstrations. Here was an attempt to kill on the one hand and a suicidal submission to the process on the other.

What would have happened if the tantri had succeeded?

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Guru said...

Nothing surprises me as far as India is concerned. This tantric
episode is one in many I have heard. Tantric rituals are voodoo rituals of India. That CM is saying what she says not in 1900 but in this 21st century!!

What a land of contrasts! Cows on the streets coexisting with BMWs and IT specialists rubbing shoulders with Tantric practitioners!