Wednesday, June 27, 2007

‘Master’ Surgeon on the run, his parents arrested

Dhileepan Raj, 15, The 'Master' Surgeon who did a Caesarean section on his cousin at the hospital owned by his parents, is a smart one. The moment he saw police at his doorsteps on Monday (June 25) morning, he scooted. So far, there is no trace of him. The police have formed a special cell to track him down.

In the meantime, Dhileepan’s parents, Dr. Murugesan and Dr. Gandhimathi who were present when the boy performed the operation, have been arrested. The police have thrown the book at them. They have been charged under different sections of the Indian Penal Code, Medical Council Act, and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Act. They were produced before the judge who remanded them to Judicial custody. The Ethics Committee of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) is also conducting an inquiry into the incident.

The procedure, which took place four months back, was arranged by the parents reportedly with the intention of getting their son into the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest surgeon in the world. The operation was recorded on video and shown at a recent meeting of the Local Chapter of the IMA. There were immediate protests from the doctors present and, when they came to know about it, by the public. The District Collector promptly ordered an enquiry. The preliminary report reveals that the boy has conducted twenty surgical procedures so far!

The Law, of course, will take its own course. But look at the other side of it. Here is a boy who apparently has excellent surgical skills. The Caesarean section he performed in this case was successful. If he had gone through the prescribed drill and entered an operation theatre as a properly qualified doctor, he could have probably become one of the world’s top surgeons.

What will happen to him now?


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