Saturday, June 30, 2007

Every dog has his day

The well-dressed, affluent looking guests watched with rapt attention as the bridal march started. The bride’s gown was stunning – a specially designed full skirt of white satin, with a matching waistband. Classy. A veil and tiara complemented the costume. The bridesmaid wore a stylish pink creation with lacework.

The bridegroom was dressed elegantly in a tuxedo, white vest front and satin bow tie. The grapevine was that he had considered sleeveless attire, but finally decided that it would be far out.

Sounds like a report on a society wedding? Well, it could be, with the presence of socialites, partying and all the rest of it. But one difference in this case was that both the bride and bridegroom were dogs. Really. It was a canine wedding! Well, such things do happen!

Here the focus is on dog clothes. It is big business. Top designers. Specialist tailors. Select material. A fortune can be spent on pampering the pets and for some one-upmanship. You know, talk of the town and that sort of thing. There are costly books on designing dresses for dogs, patterns that one can buy for a price, and highly paid seamstresses who will create exquisite pieces.

Not all dog clothes need be that expensive. Readymade ones are much cheaper than designer items. These are marketed mainly by big companies who usually prefer outsourcing the stitching. Choose what you want – party dresses, warm clothes, casual wear, summer specials – it’s all there. If you don’t like to visit a crowded shop, order on line. But the measurements should be given precisely and according to the instructions provided, in the stipulated format. The breed of the dog is also to be mentioned because it will contribute to a perfect fit. The suppliers keep physical details of popular breeds.

In some small towns there are tailors who do make dog clothes. That could be more economic. Or do it yourself. If you are not good at designing, go to the Internet where many patterns are available. Most of them have a price tag, but there are free ones as well. If you have expertise in creating designs for dog clothes, start a website and sell patterns. Price them high. Many people who go in for dog clothes are unlikely to be interested in cheap stuff.

The bottom line is: fancy attire or not, keep your pets warm in winter.



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