Wednesday, October 23, 2013

British paintings of India

Thomas Daniell (1749 – 19 March 1840) 
was a British landscape painter.  He spent ten years in India on three trips and painted many scenes. Some of them are reproduced below from Wikimedia Commons.

Indian Rhinoceros.

Temple near Benares.

Mausolem of Makhdoom Shaw Daulat Maner, Patna.

Fort Madura.

Madan Mohan Temple Vrindavan.


Swlatynla Madan Mohan

Banayan Tree with Temples

Hilly Landscape.

Mosque of Abo-ul-Nabi, Muttra.


Jami Masjid.

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jk47 said...

Dear Tharakan Sir,
Thank u for uploading such beautiful images of our country. Mr.Daniell's art did captured that old world beauty of India. He also seems to be a wonderful artist. The painting of the Banyan Tree, in particular, stole my heart. Now a days due to our recklessness, banyan trees also r becoming a rare sight.