Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to Gingee, the fort of love and valour

My post History: Gingee, a fort of love and valour published on July 29, 2009 with superb photos by KO Isaac, was quite popular. A few days back I received a comment on it which is reproduced below. It is interesting and self explanatory.

“Myself Harish Singh from Coimbatore (Tamilnadu). I belong to Desingji Raja's lineage. I am very glad to share that this lineage is still existing in South India. In Coimbatore, we are going to release a Tamil book (poetic version) on Desinghji Raja titled "Rajaputhira Maa Veeran Raja Desingh - Veer Varalaru", authored by Shri G. Sardar Singh from Jayamkondan (Tamilnadu). Pl visit to know more about our lineage and also pl share :) Also pl contact me if you are from the same lineage :)
thank you :)
Harish Singh (”

Next year would be the 300th anniversary of the final battle of Gingee. But the memory of the valiant 22 year old Raja whose life ended on the battlefield on 3rd October 1714 still lives in the hearts of the people of the area. Such stories are immortal.

Some old photographs of the Fort from Wikipedia are given below:

Also see KO Isaac's beautiful photographs of Gingee in the original post.

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