Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Interesting Old Photos From Malabar

Fishermen on the beach. (1921)

A lonely walk along the beach. (1936)
Thali Temple, near Calicut. This photo was taken about 1900-1 
by the Archeological Survey of India.

Pilgrims with offerings to Kannadiparambu Temple. (1902)

Nilambur Raja. (1908)

Ali Musaliyar, an important leader of the Moplah Revolt in 1921. (1922)

Nayar Women. (1914)

Muslim women. (1901)

Christian women. (1912)

A low caste woman. They were not allowed to cover the breasts. (1912)

A Kalari (probably gymnastics) School, 1905. 
Interestingly, the master is wearing Western clothes.

A Nayar girl. (1901)

Acknowledgement: Wikimedia Commons.

All photos are in the Public Domain.


Thommy said...

Very nice historical pictures. Thank you for sharing. I am (also) a cartoonist (from Kerala)

With best regards,

Dr. Thomas A. Kodenkandath, Ph.D.

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Allison said...

This is cool!

Unknown said...

Thank you Thommy.

Unknown said...

Thank you Allison.

jasmine said...

These pictures are so unique. Would love to see more of these old photographs.
thank you for sharing

sanjaypalayat said...

Well, that picture you put of a low cast women is that of a chekava women or Thiya women from the book written by edgar thurston. They are not really a lower caste in malabar instead a powerful one who were masters of kalari patattu. About covering the breasts, A namboothiri women can cover her breast when she is only out of the house. Nair or shudra, women were not allowed to cover their breasts in front of upper casts. All nair and thiyya ladies in malabar started covering their breasts in late 19th century and starting on 20th century. Was just stating the facst! thank you.