Sunday, February 10, 2013

JJ Murphy remembered

I am getting back to Kerala’s much loved Irish planter, JJ Murphy about whom I have already written so much. There are two events that I have to report.

The first is that The Mundakayam Club which Murphy built in 1912 is holding a one year long Centenary Celebration and so much is being said about Murphy. Incidentally, my post Short Story: DANIEL OF THE MANMALAI CLUB would give you an idea of how club life was for the planters during the last century.

Given below is the portrait of Murphy in the Mundakayam Club:

It seems different from his photo which is in An Indian village remembers its Irish ‘father’. I am reproducing that one here:


 Did the artist take too much liberty or did Murphy’s appearance change in his old age? 
Now, the Rubber Board of India is honouring this pioneer planter. They want to build a memorial at Murphy’s tomb at the St. Joseph’s Church Cemetery at Yendayar. The required land has been transferred to the Ribber Board by the Vijayapuram Diocese.

The following photo shows the Vicar, Fr. Peter Nelson handing over the relevant documents to Ms. Shiela Thomas IAS, The Chairperson of Rubber Board. Between them is Dr. J. Thomas, Rubber board Commissioner.

Incidentally, the photo is reproduced from Deepika, the oldest Malayalam newspaper which started in 1887. I am proud that my family, Parayil, played a key role in founding it.

A new public road is being built to the Murphy Memorial. A local committee has been formed to assist in the related activities. The people are proud that Murphy wanted to be buried in Yendayar to which he contributed so much.

Some time back there was talk about a movie on the Irishman. But I have not heard anything further about it.

Let me conclude with this statement – Murphy ruled over the area. Every one of his people loved him and he wanted to be buried amongst them..

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Roshan Joseph said...

My father and my family is from Thycattusserry; I live in the US and recently discovered your blog when I was searching for St. Antony's church in my memories, and on a whim, decided to find out what google had to say. I'm glad I did that impulsively. I remember that church with those frescoes vividly from my childhood visits to the church. You keep up a fantastic blog! I'm a fan by now, and I have learned much from you about where I'm from. A ton of thanks for your posts, and yes, please do keep them up!

Abraham Tharakan said...

Thank you very much Roshan Joseph. It is so nice to hear from someone from my own place. But you are giving me too much credit.

By the way, a new bridge is being built across the backwaters to the Thuravoor Road. It is about 100 yards north of the present road. This will change the entire complex of the place.

Please do keep in touch.