Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Are You Weeping, Mother India?

The usage ‘Mango people’ by Robert Vadra had me confused for a while. I didn’t know its meaning. Only after a quite a bit of Internet search I realized that the phrase is a sort of translation from Hindi meaning ‘common man’.

Vadra is accused of making a lot of money in what appears to be insider trading. If, in the process, he has broken any law, he should of course be punished according to the country’s judicial system. The same goes for Nitin Gadkari and others who are facing major accusations.

Bal Thackeray has a faster solution – throw Vadra and family out of the country. In banana republics such things are possible, I suppose. There was no mention of the bigger fishes that are/might get caught in the net. But he did say that India is a nation of cheats. (Both statements at Shiv Sena’s annual Dusserah rally at Mumbai on October 25.) Well, the man is 86 years old.

Now about another old man – Anna Hazare. Not many people seem to refer to him as Gandhian anymore. He makes a re-entry into the limelight with Gen. VK Singh. This retired COAS who failed in the Court and elsewhere to get one more year as Army Chief demanded that the Parliament be dissolved.

This reflects badly on Hazare as well. What Singh did was improper. He is still the Colonel of his regiment and not just an ordinary civilian. Young officers and jawans look up to senior officers. I was hoping that the former Chief would say something about the Rs.100 crores that the Defence Audit recently found was overspent by the Army during the last two years.

Now, about Narendra Modi, the person who could try to be the next Prime Minister of India. His comment about Mrs. Sashi Tharoor was not cricket. There is no point in saying more. The Minister’s response to that had class. After all, he is from an aristocratic family in Kerala.

BJP’s spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi says that Tharoor is an ‘international love guru’. He also suggests that the Centre should have a Romance Ministry!

During the 1950s, there was a nice novel, Sorrowing lies my land by Lambert Mascarenhas. It was about Goa under the Portuguese. Today the whole country lies sorrowing.


Kariyachan said...

Hi AT Sir;

I believe the recent occurrences will force the political class to become more accountable.

But then somebody must explain the difference between the 'Aam Aadmi' vs 'Civil Society' vs the chosen 'Political Class'.

The elected or 'projected' few are mis-using the 'Aamm Admis' ignorance and blind faith.

My honest opinion is that Gen VK Sing is as entitled to his opinions and political ambitions as any other 'Aam Admi' or Politician.

Similarly I wonder why a lot of people criticize Khejriwal about his political ambitions, is he not entitled to hold any political ambitions at all? Here we have a bunch of politicians who think they have the god given birthright to rule , by ballot or wallet. Can't a civil/govt servant have similar political ambitions?

Either way this is good for our democracy. As ultimately the power lies with the people who decide to vote or pelt.

If any undesired elements are taking advantage of the current scenario, the blame lies squarely on the elemental vices which caused the unrest in the common man's mind which made them loose their faith in the so called farce democracy and the current breed of politicians.

Mother India and her brood, whom do they trust - whom do they believe in?

Sunita said...

Opening the newspapers nowadays has become a bit like watching those scores of Soaps on TV ... some new drama and shocking revelation every day!

Abraham Tharakan said...

Kariyachan, nice to hear from you after a long time.

Of course, VK Singh and Khejeriwal have every right to say or do whatever they want. The question is how much their word and actions will be swallowed by the common man.

The Hindi writing on Khejeriwal’s cap, whatever it means, seem to indicate that non-Hindi Indians are out.

Abraham Tharakan said...

Sunita, thank you for the comment. Last Saturday, at Jimmy’s son’s wedding, someone told me that your blog on gardening is rated among the 10 best in the world. I am not surprised because you are really good. Congratulations.