Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photos: A historic Syrian Christian church in Kerala

In Kerala there are several Syrian Christian churches much older than St. Antony’s, Thycattussary which is my mother church. But the importance of this one is that for a century and more it played an important part in the struggle of the Syrian Catholics of Kerala to free themselves from the dominance of the foreign missionaries.

Many crucial events and decisions took place in Thycattussary involving dignitaries like Paremmakkal Governedor, Papal Delegates, Persian bishops, Blessed Chavara, Nidheerikkal Mani Kathanar and Bishop Thondanatt. The Parayil Family which built the church had a major role to play in this saga.

The photographs here were taken by different Parayil Family members at different times. Copyright is reserved. Click on them for enlarged view.

The church after renovation

Front view.

Many historic meetings have taken place and many
dignitaries accommodated in this building.

The bell fry

View from the church towards the lake.

The old chapel near the lake.


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perumalythoma said...

Good to see an old church look like an old church.
I have seen many other old churches transform into ships, lotuses etc.
The passion shown by priests to 'modernize' has to be seen to be believed.
The 'modernization', however, seems to stop at architecture.

JI said...

Nice photos. Foreign missionaries? Do you mean the Portuguese? They wanted to bring all the Christians of Kerala under Rome, and to a large extent succeeded.

I like the grand Catholic churches in Kerala. The orthodox churches are quite different, resembling Hindu temples.

Sorcerer said...

yeah!WHen the old churches are modernised it loses its charm of the olden days

nice pictures

Ashvin said...

Wonderful architecture, Mr. T.

Bernard said...

Your this post reminded me of the Varthamanappusthakam, by Paremmakkal. Could you write anything on that. Just curious!

Meera's World said...

i have seen a lot of churches with kodimaram,i've heared it has a lot to do with the temples nearby.dont know for sure but pics are beautiful.