Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kerala tidbits

Police & Astrology: End of the story

The Poochakkal Police Station in my native place is again in the news. In the post Police & Astrology: Cowries tell the story I had described how the policemen were resorting to astrology to ward off problems they were facing.

I had expressed the doubt whether the cops had taken permission from higher authorities for bringing an astrologer to the Station and consulting him. The answer for that is in today’s newspapers.

Under instructions from the Director General of Police, the entire police personnel of the Station including the Sub Inspector, Asst. Sub Inspectors, Head Constables and Constables have been transferred to various other Stations.

Now the question is whether this action is a punishment or a boon to those who have been shifted. After all, what they wanted was to escape the bad times the Station was going through.

Mallus have money in their pockets - Minister

According to the Civil Supplies Minister of Kerala, even if prices of food items increase by a couple of rupees, the Keralites don’t bother. They have plenty of money in their pockets. He does not know where the money comes from, though. The Malayalees go to hotels and eat well and don’t bargain about the prices.


Anand Antony said...

Probably there is an (implied) misinterpretation on what the Minister actually said. From what I gather he was saying that the rise in cost of one or two rupees is offset by the higher wages. It is another matter whether this statement is factually correct or not. If it is wrong it simply means that the Minister was incorrect or was even lying. It does not mean that he is insensitive or arrogant. Similar misrepresentations have happened in the past like when George Bush commented on the impact of Indian consumption on world food shortage. Bush was actually commenting on the rise in Indian living standards.

perumalythoma said...

Heh heh.
Don't think we can 'believe' officially.
Can we?

Abraham Tharakan said...

Thank you Anand Antony, Perumalythoma.