Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slumdog Cocktail and fortified Kerala spirit

The Kerala tipplers, famous for their drinking capabilities, could be a confused lot for the time being. The State Government has just released the new liquor policy. It permits stronger drinks to be marketed in Kerala.

Before coming to the Slumdog Cocktail, let me briefly explain what I understand about the new liquor rules from newspaper reports. Don’t get put off by the accounts figures.

Till now, the hard stuff could only have an alcohol content of 42.86% v/v (volume to volume) with a tolerance of plus or minus 1%. The revised rule increases the tolerance to 3%. This means that the strength of the liquor one buys could be anywhere from 39.86% to 45.86%.

The million dollar question is: will this change result in more liquor consumption, or reduced the intake?

The new policy has two possibilities that would coexist. One is that the quantity of alcohol consumed by a person would be less if the lower tolerance level is applied. They would be paying the same price, but at least it would be more liver friendly. On the other hand, at 45.86%, for no additional cost the customer would be getting potion that is really potent.

I must be turning dull in my old age because I can’t understand the rationale behind the change in the specifications. But one thing appears certain – after the initial perplexity, the Keralites would keep on blissfully downing the stuff regardless. Come hell or high-water, the spirits must be kept up. The espirit de corps!

You would be wondering about the Slumdog connection.

Well, at the 81st Oscar Awards party, one of the drinks served was imaginatively named ‘Slumdog Cocktail’. It was a vodka based mix according to Jijeesh Kuttalita of Malayala Manorama (, prepared with raspberry and lime (juice?) and served with a lollipop.

If prepared with fortified Kerala vodka, fewer Slumdogs could induce deeper slumber.

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