Friday, November 14, 2008

More Kerala flowers

Photos by me from Olavipe. Copyright reserved.
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Sunita said...

The second and third photos are of the Thunbergia grandiflora. Its one of my favourites because all the nectar-loving birds flock to it. Especially the sunbirds.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

ooh..interesting. i hadn't observed these plants, it attracts sunbirds is it? Now, it will inevitably become my favorite, cause i love sunbirds!

Nebu said...

Sunita, how do you know the botanical names of all these plants and flowers! Was it Botany or Fine arts you read at Stella Maris?

Anonymous said...

The first one is Oruveran.
Clerodendrum species.
Family: Verbanacae (Teak family which includes Lantana- Kongini, arippoo, Teak -Thekku, Duranta etc...). Frgrant flowers. Somewhat edible black berries which are slightly sweet. Abundant once in my hometown of Piravom.

Abraham Tharakan said...

Sunita, Lakshmi, Nebu and Anonymous, thank you for your comments.

philippine flowers said...

What a cute flower is that? I like it. Thanks for sharing this one but can you add more information about this. Just quite interested. keep posting!