Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taliat - a clarification

Responding to my post The greatness of human nature – a true story a viewer who was in Trivandrum during 1930s and 1940s sent me an email stating that a Taliat was Chief Justice of Travancore

There were two Taliat brothers, Joseph and Jacob at Trivandrum those days. The elder, Joseph, was the Chief Justice. Jacob became the Surgeon General of the State around 1947. I think that he was also the Surgeon General of the integrated Travancore-Cochin State after Independence.

Jacob’s son George emulated his father by becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He was a well-known specialist in pediatric surgery and was with the Trivandrum Medical College. He died rather young.

Joseph Taliat’s daughter Lucy was a doctor too. She was with St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore and, if I remember right, was also associated with the St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore during its formative years.

Taliat is an ancient Syrian Christian family from the present Ernakulam District. During the time of the maharajas too, citizens could reach top positions irrespective of their religion.

Another interesting detail – the Maharajas of Cochin had the title ‘Protector of Christians’.


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Nebu said...

That was quiet amusing indeed, if only the viewer had known that the blogger’s father’s sister was married to the Surgeon General Jacob Thaliath.

Nebu said...

And further the surgeon General's daughter Lucy got married to the blogger's mother's brother!!
When the Syrian Catholics get married they tie in knots.

Sunita said...

Nebu, my grandfather, Dr. Jacob Taliat, removed both the 'h's from our family name. I'm not sure why ... but it was done with true surgical precision. So our branch of the Thaliath family now goes by the name 'Taliat'.

And about Syrian Catholic marriages, you're so right. How do I explain to my kids that their father is also my uncle? A couple of times removed, but still ....

Abraham Tharakan said...

nebu, sunita, untangle this one:
a fine morning my first cousin (sister) becomes my aunt!

Nebu said...

That is a sitter. For the sake of all The Tharakans, The Taliats, The Kallivayalils, The Ullattikulams, The Elenjickals and various other family members who may be related to the blogger, the answer to the riddle is in the first two comments.
I am more interested to know what you called her before and after the marriage.
Sunita – The dropping of the “h” from Thaliath might be to gel with Trivandrum.

Sunita said...

Uh oh, and now Trivandrum has become Thiruvananthapuram again... :-)
Chetan, would you believe I was ignorant about that particular criss-crossing till about a few years ago ?!

Nebu said...

Achen,I found out that the reverse happened to me. My aunt became my cousin sister (-in-law). Annie, after marrying my father’s brother became my aunt. I married her first cousin sister and she became my cousin sister (-in-law), so much for tying up in knots.

Sunita- Was that “Chetan” addressed to me or Pappachen achen. If it is me you meant, I’ll start calling you aunty :-)

Sunita said...

Nebu, dont feel so affronted... that was aimed at Pappachen chetan.
Considering that I call him (who is officially my uncle)'chetan', I would hardly call you so, would I? It takes a gap of at least one full generation for us Taliats to grant that tag.(I checked your Profile and you dont qualify) Just our way of making everyone feel younger without going under the surgeon's scalpel :-)
Incidentally, I've lived in Bombay long enough to get used to the 'aunty' tag. At 23, I had balding, potbellied 30-somethings addressing me as 'bhabhi'. A couple of years and one kid later,I was promoted (or should that be demoted?) to 'aunty'. Aaaaargh!

Nebu said...

Sunita, So you ran a profile check on me, conveniently leaving yours blank. You don’t know me but I know you so I didn’t need any. Your cousin brothers Pops, Jamu & Jopu are my maternal uncles [see from where the” aunty” came :-)].
I am afraid; Pappachen achen might block me for using his blog to spar with you.